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Clean Air For Healthy Living Spaces

Amarillo DryCarpet offers more than just carpet and floor cleaning services. We specialize in a multitude of areas including residential and commercial Air Duct Cleaning.

Common, everyday particles found in the air such as dirt, dead skin cells, pet hair, dander, clothing fibers, and even traces of dead insects that could be hiding in your home are no match for our superior HVAC duct cleaning process.

Our cleaning technology includes a transparent viewing chamber that allows viewers to witness the contaminants being removed that would otherwise be inhaled by anyone in the building.

We Set A New Standard With Our Superior Duct Cleaning Processes

Our robust duct cleaning solution features a powerful truck-mounted positive displacement vacuum system and a dedicated compressed air line. This dynamic combination effortlessly eliminates dirt, dust, and debris from both residential and commercial ducts.

Our highly efficient duct cleaning method leverages the HVAC high air movement system, integrating the superior suction capability of a positive displacement truck-mounted vacuum with the impactful force of compressed air.

To ensure transparency and instill confidence in our clients, we provide a complimentary camera inspection of your ductwork. This assessment helps determine the necessity of cleaning before we commence our professional air duct cleaning service.

Rest assured, our vacuum system guarantees thorough duct cleaning without causing any disruption to your home or office. Once the process is finished, we carry out a second camera inspection to confirm that your ducts meet our high standards and live up to yours completely.

Create Healthy Environments with Clean Ducts

Your Family & Clients Will Thank You

Elevating the quality of indoor air is a cornerstone of a healthy living space. Dealing with dirty air ducts can lead to a multitude of health problems. Apart from the unpleasant visual aspect, the combination of pollutants presents potential threats to your family’s health and speeds up the aging of your HVAC system. Amarillo DryCarpet steps into the arena of duct cleaning with a commitment to thoroughness and excellence.

For those seeking reliable duct cleaning services, Amarillo DryCarpet stands as a trustworthy ally. We address your concerns, be it related to energy efficiency or indoor air purity.

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Duct Cleaning Services Offer The Following Advantages:

Encouraging the circulation of fresh, pristine air in your home or business.
Eliminating dust and allergens from the ducts for a healthier environment.
Going beyond surface cleaning to provide a comprehensive treatment for all ductwork.
Extending our cleaning efforts to include both ducts and coils, ensuring a comprehensive solution.
As an added option, we offer thermal cleaning upon request, showcasing our commitment to tailoring our services to your unique requirements. Rely on Amarillo DryCarpet to create a space where clean air and optimal HVAC system functionality merge seamlessly.

Improve Your Indoor Environment with Duct Cleaning

Amarillo DryCarpet’s duct cleaning service effectively minimizes and eradicates indoor air pollutants, including:

Allergens collect within HVAC ducts, which can affect asthma and allergies.
Chemical buildup from substances like smoke and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from cleaning products, varnishes, or glues, leading to air contamination.
Dirty air ducts can spread bacteria and viruses, including the flu, throughout your home.
Bugs nest and leave droppings in your ductwork, posing hygiene concerns.

Maximizing HVAC Efficiency through Ductwork Cleaning

Beyond mere aesthetics, ensuring your air ducts are clean is a critical step to guarantee the optimal performance of your HVAC system. Still not convinced? Here’s why it matters:

When your ducts have limited airflow due to accumulated dirt, your HVAC system has to exert more effort to heat or cool your space. This not only puts strain on your AC or furnace but can also lead to increased operational costs. Moreover, the buildup of dirt and debris in your ducts poses a potential fire hazard.

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Is DIY Air Duct Cleaning Worth Considering?

Neglecting the upkeep of your air ducts may pose a health risk. Should you handle it yourself, or is it safer to rely on a professional? If you’re like most homeowners or business operators, it’s likely been a considerable amount of time since your ducts were last attended to. The key reason to choose Amarillo DryCarpet’s professional duct cleaning service is our utilization of a sophisticated HVAC system, ensuring that we won’t accidentally spread additional contaminants throughout your residence or workplace.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our system carefully navigates through every inch of your ductwork, ensuring a meticulous cleaning and the optimum operation of your HVAC system. Apart from cleanliness, our well-trained technicians are proficient at identifying potential issues in your duct system that may elude your attention.

How Often Should Ducts Receive Professional Cleaning?

Understanding the essential role of clean air ducts, you may be questioning how often they should be maintained. According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, a general recommendation is to have your ducts inspected annually and cleaned “as required.” The necessity for cleaning can be influenced by various factors, such as:

  • Allergy concerns for you or your family
  • The presence of pets like cats, dogs, or other animals in your home
  • Incidences of rodent or insect infestations
  • Elevated energy bills
  • Recent construction activities leading to the presence of drywall or wood dust
  • The use of paints or varnish with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Suspecting Dirty Dryer Vents?

Important Clues to Be Aware Of

Burning odor
Appliance overheating
Prolonged drying periods
Buildup of lint

Minimize Fire Risks and Boost Dryer Efficiency with Vent Cleaning

Unclean dryer vents present a host of issues, ranging from safety concerns to reduced efficiency. As time passes, lint and debris tend to accumulate in your dryer’s vent system. This not only poses a considerable fire risk but also compels your dryer to exert more effort. Opting for dryer vent cleaning by Amarillo DryCarpet ensures the comprehensive removal of lint, debris, and obstructions, guaranteeing that your dryer functions at its optimal efficiency.

Whether as an additional service alongside air duct cleaning or as an independent offering, Amarillo DryCarpet is ready to assist you with professional dryer vent cleaning. Reach out to us to arrange your appointment for dryer vent cleaning services.