If your area rug is in an entry way, in front of the kitchen sink, or in some other high-traffic place, they will take the most abuse from wear and soil. Cleaning area rugs at least once a year is their best defense against premature wear and damage.

If the rug is in a bedroom, family room or dining room, they could get by with once a year to every other year because the foot traffic and soil on these are not as bad. In the case of spills or stains, have the rug cleaned by an area rug cleaning professional (never by a carpet cleaner or steam cleaner).

If you have pets or small children (or teenagers, for that matter!) they should probably have the rugs cleaned even more often in order to stay ahead of the game.  Proper, professional, frequent cleaning will not damage an area rug – it will only help maintain the beauty and extend the life of the rug.

Sand, dirt and grit that the vacuum may miss, along with foot traffic, will eventually chew up the face fibers of a rug, creating worn or bare areas.

Soils, pet hair, sticky and sugary stains is an open invitation to carpet moths. It’s definitely in your best interest to keep those little pests out of their home! Moths won’t just attack your wool rugs, they will damage your other textiles too!

Don’t forget the benefit of having walk-off mats placed outside and inside entrances. Their construction and durability go a long way toward helping remove as much gritty soil from shoe soles before bringing it through the house to be tracked onto your valuable rugs.

If you regularly maintain your rugs, they will look newer longer. It’s when rugs are allowed to go too long between cleanings,  moth damage, worn areas, discoloration and stains become potentially more permanent problems.

Don’t forget the importance of a quality rug pad.  Having a quality pad under your rugs helps extend the life of your rug, gives a bouncy feel under foot, and actually helps protect the floors under the rug by filtering away tracked-on gritty soil and blocking accidental spills and pet urine.

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