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Laminate & Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services in Amarillo, TX

Is your wood flooring losing its luster, appearing dull, grey, and lifeless despite regular sweeping or vacuuming? Basic and traditional cleaning methods may leave behind an unseen layer of dust, dander, molds, mildew, fungus, and other pollutants deeply embedded in the porous flooring.

Amarillo DryCarpet & Cleaning Services is your solution to this problem. We provide a comprehensive cleaning approach that eradicates years of accumulated stains. Our services encompass wax removal, buffing, and polishing, ensuring a thorough cleansing of your wood floors.

What We Can Do For Your Wood And/Or Laminate Floors:

Put a beautiful showroom shine on old or dull laminate floors
Protect the original laminate floor surface
Seal laminate flooring joints from liquid spills & moisture
Fill and hide surface scratches on laminate
Remove scuff marks
Deep clean your wood or laminate flooring
Give your flooring a brand-new look
Help eliminate prints & tracking from bare feet and pets
We can work wonders on hardwood flooring. NO SANDING REQUIRED. Our process also works for vinyl, tile, cork, and bamboo floors

Expert Laminate & Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services

Bring Your Wood Floors Back To Life

Put your home or business under a full transformation with freshly cleaned wood floors that showcase elegance and professionalism. Amarillo DryCarpet & Cleaning Services guarantees to restore the beauty of your floors in just one cleaning session.

Clean wood floors not only contribute to your well-being but also enhance the overall enjoyment of your living space. Statistics show that a whopping 77% of individuals with wood floors report an increased sense of joy. Imagine the impact when those floors are not only beautiful but also freshly cleaned!

Whether your wood floors are a long-standing asset or brand new, regular maintenance is essential to prevent the accumulation of dirt, grime, and contaminants that can discolor the wood.

Wood Floor Cleaning With Amarillo DryCarpet Services

Dirt & grime stand no chance
A mop can’t match our thorough removal of dirt, grime, and tough stains embedded in your wood flooring. Our safe and effective cleaning solutions bring back the natural shine and warmth to your dull wood floors. Stubborn stains find their match with our wood cleaning services. We can make light scuffs vanish and disappear during the cleaning process. Take it a step further and protect your clean wood flooring from future dullness and grime with our optional polyurethane top coat.

Benefits Of Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services

Health Benefits
Enhanced Appearance
Extended Lifespan
Optional Protective Sealant
Time and Convenience
Increased Enjoyment
Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Wood Floors Like Never Before

For a deep clean that goes beyond DIY efforts, trust Amarillo DryCarpet & Cleaning Services to restore your wood floors to their natural beauty. Contact us for more details and an estimate based on the square footage of your space.

Laminate & Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Restoration Reviews



3 days ago

It’s hard to find a business that really does specialize in both.
Kelly was very responsive and knowledgeable. He and his team arrived on time and did a very good job. I’d def. use them again. It’s worth noting that Kelly’s team cleaned both our carpets and our hardwood flooring. It’s hard to find a business that really does specialize in both. I appreciate the work and his kindness.

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Perfection is the goal, but it’s not always the turnout. If this is the case with you, contact us within 30 days of your appointment and we will come back out to reclean the problems we missed. Our promise to each and every customer is 100% satisfaction.

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Hardwood is an intimidating, yet elegant material to use for your residential floors. The likelihood of it getting ruined is higher than other materials, but with Amarillo DryCarpet, you don’t have to worry! We offer some amazing specials to assist with your cleaning budget and are fully transparent when it comes to our pricing. 

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