Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Commercial & Residential Fast-Dry Carpet Cleaning in Amarillo, TX

“They are miracle workers on stains. Our carpet looks brand spanking new.”

– Candice S.

We provide top-of-the-line commercial and residential low-moisture carpet cleaning services. Discover what makes Amarillo DryCarpet better than the rest.
Our advanced carpet cleaning technology, solutions, and methods provide a deeper clean with a one-hour (or less) dry time.
Many carpet cleaning companies focus on surface cleaning that doesn’t remove deeply embedded dirt and soil. With Amarillo DryCarpet Services, you always get a deep-down clean that restores your carpet and protects your investment.
We guarantee our superior carpet cleaning results with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – the best in the business.
We guarantee our exceptional carpet cleaning results with 100% certainty, meaning we will never let you down!

Forget the Wet, Soggy Mess
& Returning Spots and Stains!

Discover Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning For A Shorter Dry Time

At Amarillo DryCarpet, we’re passionate about providing deeply penetrating, low moisture, environmentally friendly carpet cleaning services. What sets us apart from the rest is our undying commitment to providing exceptional floor cleaning services at affordable prices.

We are pleased to offer the state-of-the-art low moisture carpet cleaning process featuring NO WET carpets, no harsh chemicals, and our 30-day clean carpet guarantee. We feature a new, better, safer way to clean carpets!

If you want your carpet professionally Deep Cleaned in a Hypo-Allergenic, Non-Toxic, odor-free, Eco-Friendly way, and you want your carpet to be Completely DRY Within Minutes… then we’re your new carpet cleaning service!

We specialize in Low Moisture, Organic Carpet Cleaning that’s cleaner, safer, and 100% Guaranteed!

Before and after carpet cleaning photos

You’re in the

Right Place!

Low Impact, Environmentally-Friendly Techniques

Natural & Non-Toxic

We know there are lots of service providers to choose from, but if you’re ready for beautiful, clean, dry, and fresh carpets and/or related services that are Always 100% Guaranteed, why not give us a try?

We’re proud to use high-quality, detergent-free, and hypo-allergenic products in our cleaning processes. This allows us to utilize the latest cleaning technology that is totally safe and healthy, meeting all of your home and commercial needs.

Low-Moisture, Super Fast Dry Time Option

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, or one-carpet-cleaning-method-fits-all.  In some cases and based on customer preference, we realize that the low-moisture fast-drying carpet cleaning method is preferable.

We are pleased to offer the state-of-the-art dry extraction low-moisture carpet cleaning process featuring NO WET carpets, no harsh chemicals, and our 30-day clean carpet guarantee. This is a better, safer way to clean some types of carpets!

How Do We Provide A Superior Carpet Cleaning?

Our Exclusive 7-Step Professional Carpet Cleaning Method.


Thoroughly dry extract with CRB all cleanable areas and edges to remove dry soil and lift the pile.


Vacuum with a dual-motor commercial vacuum.


Apply a pre-spray to all areas to be cleaned.


Brush in, scrub, and pad extract all areas.


Post-spot treatment if needed.


Final inspection and apply protector if desired.


Groom carpet

See It In Action Below!

But What About Pet Stain And Odor Issues?

We’ve got you covered!  In fact, we probably get more calls and questions about pet accidents and the associated odor issue than all other services combined.

We know exactly how to deal with this and permanently eliminate the problem.

Carpet Cleaning Reviews



3 days ago

Carpets look brand new!
Absolutely incredible service! Carpets look brand new! And believe me they were bad( moved into a rental not from me) very professional service tech’s. Amazing customer service when I scheduled, canceled and rescheduled again!!! Their process takes all residue from other cleaners off, deep nasty dirt pushed in by water carpet cleaning technique GONE! Carpets were dry in about 2 hours and smell wonderful. No issues! Please use them! You won’t be sorry!! And ask them to explain why their technique is 100000 times more efficient and better
Kristin McCaskey

Kristin McCaskey

3 days ago

I would absolutely recommend them.
We bought a house and the carpet was stained in multiple rooms, 1 stain was large, another was unknown substances and dark. The carpet looked like it was on it’s last legs and we were prepared to have to eventually replace it, but amarillo drycarpet got all the stains out and the carpet looks wonderful. Noemi and Alec did an amazing job and I’m so impressed with what the did in such a short amount of time. The house looks totally different now.
Cade Klink

Cade Klink

3 days ago

In less than an hour, they were there and gone.
I had Amarillo DryCarpet out to my house not too long ago to clean up some very tough stains in my living room that I thought were going to be there forever. In less than an hour, they were there and gone. They carpet was completely dry before they were even out the door and the stains were done away with. Unlike most carpet cleaners I have used in the past, the environmentally friendly cleaner they used left my house smelling amazing for a few weeks. The service was very affordable and worth the trouble of calling a carpet cleaner.

Effective Carpet Cleaning Safe for You, Your Family, & Your Pets!

Backed By Years of Dedication to Amarillo’s Home & Business Owners

EST. 2010

After more than a decade serving Amarillo home and business owners, we have no doubt that low-moisture, deep extraction carpet cleaning service is not only the most effective approach to carpet cleaning, but it’s also the safest and healthiest method available.

The Better Way to a Clean Carpet

Dry extraction carpet cleaning is the #1 rated carpet cleaning system by America’s leading consumer magazine and is approved and recommended by all major carpet manufacturers.

If you have any concerns at all about the use of harmful and dangerous chemicals that are typically used in carpet cleaning, you take a breath of relief! Discover a whole new clean with our eco-conscious, sustainable methods and our natural cleaning products that are 100% free of toxins.

We’ve put our trust in systems that are easy on the environment, reducing the negative consequences on our planet. The products we use are natural, non-toxic, free of harsh detergents, and hypo-allergenic, making them perfect for any area of the home or business.

Man using handheld vacuum on sofa

Our Clean Carpet 30-Day Guarantee

We guarantee a job well done
Certified / Bonded / Insured

If our services do not live up to your standards, give us a call and we will return to your property free of charge and clean the areas that need attention. This is Amarillo DryCarpet’s 30-day, 100% Clean Carpet Guarantee!

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If you are satisfied with the quote, we will start the job whenever you would like, whether that be immediately or at a later date.

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