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Exceptional Tile Cleaning & Grout Sealing in Amarillo, TX

Our mission is to provide each of our valued customers with an exceptional tile & grout cleaning service for a reasonable, affordable price. We proudly serve businesses and homeowners in Amarillo and the surrounding communities.

Our top-of-the-line tile cleaning equipment, solutions, and methods provide a deeper clean with a difference that will amaze you.

With equipment powerful enough to thoroughly clean tile and especially grout lines, you always get a deep, restoring clean to protect your investment.
Our pricing is transparent with no frustrating hidden fees that are common with some of our competitors.
The advanced Tile Cleaning and Grout Sealing systems we employ utilize heat, a specialized cleaning solution, and vacuum power to remove the dirt that other cleaners can’t. We complete the job with a high-pressure rinse.

When It Comes To Tile Cleaning, We’re The Experts!

Even the most beautiful tile can appear dingy if the grout is dirty, stained, or discolored. Because grout is porous, it is highly absorbent and can easily become permanently stained or discolored when dirt or stain particles seep into its pores.

Our ColorSeal process will re-color your grout while making it stain and water-resistant. ColorSeal is designed to last for years and, in many cases, when properly maintained, may last as long as the grout itself. Our Grout ColorSeal process will re-color your grout while making it stain and water-resistant, as well as mold and mildew-resistant.

The Dirty Details About Cleaning Tile & Grout!

Grouted tile floors are notoriously difficult to clean. Every homeowner (and business owner!) knows that regular mopping, over-the-counter tile cleaners, and store-bought grout cleaning brushes just don’t get the job done, especially if you’re trying to eliminate stubborn dirt that has settled into the texture of the tile or deep into grout lines.

Grout is a cement-based porous substance. When you continuously mop your floor, dirty water, cooking oils, soap, and outside debris gather in those pores causing permanent staining and discoloration. You try to figure out how to clean your grout and tile and spend hours scrubbing, only for the build-up to return.

We utilize a powerful tile cleaning system that generates 2.5 times the psi (pound-force per square inch) that is used by most cleaners. That power makes a huge difference, especially when cleaning the grout in lobbies, kitchens, and other high-traffic areas.

As an optional service, after cleaning your tile and grout, we can apply a penetrating sealer to protect the grout against mildew and staining for up to two years.

Types of Tile Flooring We Clean at Amarillo DryCarpet Services

Our trained technicians will identify your type of tile and the best solutions to restore them to their original condition. We can perform our services on Ceramic, Terracotta, Marble, Travertine, Porcelain, Slate, Granite, Brick, and more. Learn more about our stone surface cleaning and polishing

Considering a Bathroom Remodel Due to Dull, Stained Tile & Grout and Hard Water Stains?

Call Us Instead!

You don’t have to throw money at renovations trying to turn your dingy bathroom into something that sparkles and shines. We provide a clean sanitized fix with a wide range of bathroom cleaning and sealing solutions that help minimize your yearly cleaning and maintenance costs.

Discolored Grout?
Try Our ColorSealing Service!

Over time, you might start to notice that getting your tile and grout cleaned to perfection is slowly becoming less possible by the day. Dirt and grime are bound to seep into your bathroom floors, walls, and countertops, so what are you supposed to do to remedy the problem? Get ColorSealing for your grout and watch your bathroom become a new space.

Before and after tile cleaning and grout recoloring
Before and after of tile and grout cleaning, recoloring, and sealing services.

Tile Cleaning & Grout Sealing Reviews

Lisa Crowe

Lisa Crowe

3 days ago

We are extremely pleased with the results. Highly recommend!
We are very pleased with the work and results that we got from Amarillo DryCarpet and their techs. They were quick to respond with an in person quote, quick to do the work, efficient and polite. They cleaned our tile and grout on our floors and we are extremely pleased with the results. Highly recommend!
Goran Dobras

Goran Dobras

3 days ago

These guys did great job cleaning my tiles.
These guys did great job cleaning my tiles. Great experience from first call until service is done. I would recommend them to anyone who needs any of their services.
Ashley Stephenson

Ashley Stephenson

3 days ago

They did an awesome job!
Al and Mario came and cleaned my kitchen tile and grout. They did an awesome job! My floors look so much better! They were on time, they were fast, and they were professional. Great job guys!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee On Our Services

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Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and in order to achieve that, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning we will come back and clean any areas we might’ve missed or paid less attention to than necessary. That is the 30-day guarantee we offer!

Free Estimates on Tile & Grout Services

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Schedule your appointment if you’re satisfied with the quote we give you and we can start whenever you would like!

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Our commitment to excellent customer service is at the core of our reputation. Placing your satisfaction front and center is how we achieve our ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. We kick things off with clear and transparent pricing that’s all there for you to see, and we offer fantastic specials that can save you up to 30% on your annual cleaning expenses.

What sets us apart is not just our services but also our dedication which is evident in our extended hours of operation from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 9 pm. During these hours, we’re prepared to offer precise quotes or, if necessary, schedule an inspection to better tailor our services to your needs. For your convenience, scheduling can also be done online when you come across us during our closed hours.