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Natural Stone Cleaning, Polishing & Sealing in Amarillo, TX

Do you have stone floors or countertops that need a deep clean, polish, seal, and/or repair?  Have they lost their shine or have some scratches? We can make your stone surfaces look brand new again.

From just a refresh to a major restoration, we can help. We can apply a penetrating sealer to protect it and keep it looking new for years to come.

After providing our service, we’ll be glad to show you how to properly maintain your stone floors and countertops to keep them looking new.

Some stone surfaces require the use of all or some diamond pads and resins and a penetrating sealer. We don’t recommend a topical sealer on most natural stone surfaces because they need to breathe.

We have the training and experience to offer the best solutions depending on the needs of your stone surfaces.

Natural Stone Cleaning Experts

Marble, Travertine, Granite, Limestone, Terrazzo, Terracotta, Saltillo, Quarry Brick, Slate, and more: WE DO IT ALL
The experts on our team are incredibly skilled in caring for various stone types, with years of experience building their wealth of knowledge in the area. We use highly-effective techniques, paired with widely-trusted products to bring out the natural beauty of any and all stone surfaces.

Professional Cleaning, Honing, Polishing, & Sealing

Types of Tile Flooring We Clean
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When it comes to stone care, we believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Regular maintenance of your stone surfaces, which includes cleaning and sealing, will help you avoid costly repairs while keeping your surfaces beautiful and protected against staining and etching.

We offer various cleaning and sealing options depending on the type of stone you have in your home.

We take great pride in having the expertise to clean, polish, and seal all types of natural stone floors. After we professionally clean your stone floors, we can apply a sealant that restores the stone’s shine and luster and protects it from stains. Natural Stone Cleaning and Restoration is one of our many specialties.

We Professionally Clean, Hone, Polish, and Seal:



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We Can Also Work Wonders For Your Concrete Flooring…

Natural Stone Deep Cleaning & Resealing

We Can Renew Your Granite, Limestone, Marble, or Travertine Countertops or Floors

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Restore & Protect Your Countertops

Our Countertop Deep Clean and Seal service is non-toxic, safe for food preparation surfaces, and will last for many years.

Natural stone countertops, including granite, limestone, marble, and travertine,  are a focal point in your home. The durability of your stone countertops means you should be able to enjoy its beauty for years to come. However, all stone countertops will lose their luster and shine without professional maintenance.

Even if a sealant was applied when the countertop was installed, that sealant can wear thin and allow liquids to seep into the granite surface. Residue, germs, dirt, and water spots can dramatically affect the beauty and durability of your countertop surfaces.

There is a misconception that hard, natural stone countertops do not require any maintenance. This is, unfortunately, not true. All natural stone countertop surfaces need regular care and professional maintenance.

Limestone slabs
Limestone Cleaning & Restoration

If your limestone floors are dirty, dull, discolored, etched, scratched, chipped, or cracked, our stone cleaning pros can restore your floor’s natural beauty. Our techs are experts at cleaning, honing, polishing, removing stains, removing lippage, and refinishing limestone flooring surfaces.

Granite slab
Granite Cleaning & Sealing

Have you had your granite countertops cleaned and sealed lately? We recommend having your granite countertops cleaned and professionally sealed every three to five years.

Granite Care

We make a point of educating our customers on how to care for the precious granite surfaces in their homes. The key to keeping your granite looking new is the proper cleaning, polishing, and sealing of the stone.

Marble slab
Marble Cleaning & Restoration

Dull and damaged marble require professional marble cleaning and restoration services to restore its luster. We can hone, polish, clean, and seal your marble floors.

Granite is a very hard stone, much harder than marble, and usually does not etch. However, we are now starting to see that some granites that are used today can etch when acidic items are spilled on their surface.

If your granite becomes scratched or dull, we can expertly polish and restore your home’s granite countertops, vanities, or floors back to looking just like new.

Terrazzo slab
Terrazzo Cleaning & Restoration

Terrazzo, a material that contains marble or other types of stone chips held together by concrete or resin, is often waxed to achieve a shiny surface. However, the waxes used to shine terrazzo eventually build up, turn yellow, and collect dust and dirt particles over time.

Our professional terrazzo cleaning and restoration will bring back your floors’ natural shine without the continual need for stripping and waxing.

As an optional service, after cleaning your tile and grout, we can apply a penetrating sealer to protect the grout against mildew and staining for up to two years.

Travertine slab
Travertine Cleaning & Restoration

Travertine, in both matte and elegant marble-like finishes, is a popular flooring material. Heavy traffic, build-up of cleaners, and acidic liquids can turn a beautiful Travertine floor into an eyesore over time.

If your Travertine floor looks like it has seen better days, there’s no need to replace it! Our stone floor cleaning service can make it look like new again.

Ceramic Coating

Crazy Easy to Keep Clean

We offer a ceramic coating that is a lifesaver when it comes to maintenance. With our ceramic coating, you will be pleased with the minimal maintenance required in order to upkeep your stone surfaces. No more scratches, scuffs, scrubbing, or odors—it’s CRAZY EASY to keep clean and will last 5-7 years or longer!

Maintenance For Natural Stone Surfaces

Our Professional Natural Stone Cleaning Service  Will Leave Your Natural Stone Countertops & Floors Looking New Again!

Implementation of a professional maintenance procedure is essential to the everlasting beauty that natural stone can provide. These procedures will vary as much as the type of stone they are designed to maintain.

In order to protect your investment in granite, marble, travertine, terrazzo, limestone, and other natural stone surfaces, you should implement a routine maintenance program.

At ADC, we evaluate and recommend the most appropriate and effective maintenance programs for your natural stone surfaces.

Natural stone cleaning and polishing before and after

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