Grout Recoloring & Sealing in Amarillo, TX

Our Flagship Tile & Grout Service

After a thorough cleaning, we will apply our proprietary ColorSeal to your grout lines and protector to your tile (if the tile requires sealing). ColorSeal is our most popular and comprehensive service because it makes your grout look new again. We guarantee it!
Before grout cleaning and grout recoloring
Tiie after cleaning
Grout recoloring results


Longest-lasting, highest-value solution
Deep cleans dirt and grime that regular cleaning cannot
Leaves grout looking like new
All stains in the grout will disappear
100% uniform grout color throughout the floor
Leaves tiles looking much brighter
Protects grout against all stains, GUARANTEED!
Comes with a conditional lifetime warrant
(See details below)
May NEVER have to seal grout again
Scrubbing grout and tile

Our ColorSeal Conditional Lifetime Guarantee

We provide an initial 1-year guarantee on our ColorSeal service. Extend your guarantee by allowing us to perform annual maintenance and cleaning of your ColorSealed grout. Please discuss annual maintenance costs with your Amarillo DryCarpet representative.

Grout sealing with a lifetime guarantee

Grout Recoloring & Grout Sealing

The Problem

All grout should be sealed at the time of installation but unfortunately, this is rarely the case. This allows the porous grout to become stained and discolored within a few months and eventually become permanently stained from repeated exposure to water, dirt, oil, soaps, and other contaminants.

Regrouting is an expensive and time-consuming option. Even then, the grout must still be properly sealed to prevent repeat damage and discoloring. Our ColorSeal process permanently solves this problem.

The Solution

Having your grout professionally cleaned, recolored, and sealed is a long-lasting solution to this problem and an effective way to protect your flooring investment.

We use a highly durable coating that adheres to the surface of the grout, creating a water and stain-proof barrier that will keep your grout looking new for many years to come.

We can also change the look of your flooring by changing the color of your grout.

Residential Tile & Grout Sealing

When was the last time you had the tile and grout surfaces in your home professionally cleaned and sealed? If you can’t remember, or if it’s been a while, now is the time! The tile and grout surfaces in your home can easily become dirty, discolored, and unattractive, which is why they need to be periodically cleaned and sealed.
Unveiling tile and grout
Cleaning and “Clear Sealing”

Cleaning and
“Clear Sealing”

We first apply a non-toxic, pH-neutral cleaner to your tile and grout. We then deep clean your tile and grout by machine with a high-speed, yet gentle scrubber that also extracts the dirt from your tile and grout. For particularly stubborn areas, vapor steam cleaning may be used. Our final step is applying our proprietary Tile Protector, a tile and grout protector, to seal and protect against stains and spills. Tile Armor is nontoxic, water-based, and safe for families and pets.
Cleaning and “Clear Sealing”


Unfortunately at the time of installation, most grout is not properly sealed with a high-quality product; discoloration starts fairly quickly and gets worse over time. The integrity of the grout will also start to deteriorate and eventually break down, creating the need for expensive re-grouting and even new tiling. 

The good news? You can have your grout and tile professionally cleaned for effective, deep removal of this buildup for longer-lasting results at a fraction of the cost of replacing it. You can also choose to have it re-colored with a product that seals the grout and prevents future penetration and contamination for years to come.

Tile cleaning

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We specialize in top-notch grout ColorSealing services, aiming to bring a precise transformation to your spaces. Trust us with the details, and watch as we revive your tiles and grout with our thorough ColorSealing techniques. Your satisfaction is our priority—we’re here to serve you at the highest standards. Reach out today to give your spaces a vibrant refresh!